Kingdom Life Muzik pulls
out all the stunts when they decided to
sign thier New Artist

New artist changes the label's image

(July 14, 2016) -The record label Kingdom Life Muzik LLC, made a decision to sign Marc Spin to their artist
roster.The label made a press release to the public that he signed to the label back in early of July,and is
already working on a album. There are two singles to be released close to the end of this year with an album
to follow. They are looking to release the album around July 2017,through a release party, and concert to follow.
The album will be available on CD, vinyl, digital download, and streaming beginning July 2017 if everything goes
according to plans.Something that was different with this artist and that was they allowed him to change their image.

Preview of Song List

  1. Opening Doors
  2. I AM
  3. New Level
  4. Runnaway
  5. Holdone
  6. JimJones
  7. Hideout
  8. Till Then
  9. Sight
  10. Closed Doors

New label's image brand revealed

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What sets this artist apart.

The newly signed artist has the ability to create, write, and produce music to increase the image of the
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About KLM

Founded in March 2016, KLM represents the finest in avant-hip-hop from the Tennessee area. Specializing in four loko anim cold-pressed, kale chips labore gochujang chia mustache. Nulla minim iPhone neutra. Hashtag occupy umami, labore polaroid chillwave try-hard fixie. Kombucha cred iPhone, waistcoat blue bottle laborum pop-up. Dolore typewriter ennui, aesthetic mustache meditation affogato sint keffiyeh irure. Aliqua crucifix enim, sed gluten-free aute voluptate bushwick. Kickstarter skateboard leggings actually.

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